An Advertising platform designed exclusively for the Music Industry in order to make music video inventory available for advertising not just via ONE Ad Network (i.e. Google), but to make music video inventory available in Music Video Apps to dozens or HUNDREDS of Ad Networks, Demand Side Platforms and Direct Advertisers.

Our Industry will have its own Sales Team to build relationships with major advertisers and we will sell to them directly. Vacant ad space will be auctioned on our own Ad Exchange and a number of 3rd party Ad Exchanges. All Ad Networks (Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc.) will then have to BID amongst themselves (In Real Time) to show ads on music video ad inventory inside our FREE Music Video App Singles and/or FREE Music Video App Promo Albums...... THE HIGHEST BIDDER WINS THE AD VIEW, AD IMPRESSION OR THE AD CLICK!

Currently competition to place ads on music video inventory is ZERO and is CONTROLLED, DOMINATED and MONOPOLISED EXCLUSIVELY by YouTube via Google Adwords.

For our Music Ad Network to succeed it MUST be run in conjunction with our 1 Minute Promo Music Video App strategy on YouTube. We must also build our own Music Video App store for the music industry. This is being built right now at: Our industry will STILL earn advertising revenue from YouTube ads shown on our 1 Minute Promo videos, but we will now have an additional source of ad revenue. YouTube and Google have BULLIED the music industry for many years now, but we will finally be able to take controll of our music video inventory. Our own Ad Network + Music Video Apps strategy means that we'll STILL get the exposure + promotion on Youtube, but the BILLIONS of repeated video views will be transferred from the YouTube platform to our Music Video Apps where we can sell our valuable millennial ad space for what we KNOW it is worth!

The Music Ad Network will help (And teach) Advertisers to create RELEVANT video ads that will engage with music fans and boost conversions. Whether the conversion is to build brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, generate leads or sales, we will help our Direct Advertisers to make video ads that are RELEVANT when shown alongside music videos. This is something YouTUbe and Google does not do for Advertisers. It is the reason many music fans simply click the "SKIP" button on most YouTube video ads before even looking at the video ad once. We will show Advertisers a different way of engaging with people that watch music videos.

The music industry will also create "Music Ad Network" and "Loyalty Tunes" Affiliate Programs. These 2 programs will enable music fans who want to help promote the new music from their favourite artist(s), to earn money for their efforts from both the advertising revenue on our Ad Network and the sales generated in our Loyalty Tunes app store. All fans will simply have to do is share FREE Music Video App Singles or Promo Albums with friends!!!

Around 50% (Or More) of ALL music consumption worldwide takes place on the YouTube platform, but yet YouTube contributes less than 5% towards music industry global income. Google and YouTube pays our industry a pitance compared to all other streaming services. However; when we show you the extent to which our industry is being fleeced, we believe your jaws are going to DROP! For more info on exactly how YouTube and Google have been grossly and obscenely under paying the music industry for years; please download our PDF report here and/or contact Tex Johnson at: